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Car Transport Truck 2021

Car Transport Truck 2021

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厂商:Farrukh Saeed

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Are you a fan of car transporter games in which you act as a cargo truck driver? If yes, then this vehicle transporter truck game

is for you in which you will be transporting different types of vehicles like limo and quad bikes along with crazy sports cars & expensive luxury rides. You are a cargo truck driver in this game who has a job of transporting cars in this vehicle transporter games. You received a request from a client and get a job of transportation in city and offroad from one place to another. You are going to car transport by truck and get coins in this car transporter cargo truck game 2021. So, this is car transporter truck simulator 3D which you are looking for. It’s time to drive truck to transport car. This is one of the best car and bike transporter games. Play this trailer truck car game and enjoy car carrier truck simulator.

Your driving experience begins with vehicle transporter truck, if you play this city truck driving games 2021. Start your driving career as a Euro truck driver by playing this highway cargo trailer truck simulator games. Drive multi giant truck and transport car inside the city. Drive cars like a pro drive as they are expensive and luxury limos. Learn to park them properly over the heavy transporter truck. Navigate properly through the transportation process. Learn the real skill of parking and driving cars. Feel like a real trucker in this exciting car transporter truck games 2021. Get behind the wheel and drive through real life traffic to transport super fast luxury cars from one city to another in this car carrier trailer truck simulator game.


- Realistic City Driving with traffic and people

- High Quality Graphics with next gen engine physics

- Realistic Sounds of American Trucks & City Traffics

- Best City Truck Driving Games of 2021

- Long Trailer Trucks with 10 Vehicles Transport capacity

- Offline Car games with transport and parking missions

版本更新内容:- Minor Bugs Fixed




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