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汽车模拟器 Z:城市汽车驾驶

汽车模拟器 Z:城市汽车驾驶

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厂商:erva gokay

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Are you ready for a car simulator game with plenty of excitement? Drive the car freely in the city or on the highway. Imagine everything you can't do in real life and drive your car like that.

* Navigate your way with the most realistic graphics.

* Speed ??up if you want. If you want, drive by following the traffic rules.

* Quickly advance to the target points with the career mode and drive to the target before the time runs out. * * Follow the arrows and miss the targets.

* With parking mode, park your car before the time runs out. Remember, as the chapters progress, your work will become very difficult.

* Drift as many drifts as you can on the road. You can drift for hours.

* Drive your car as you like in free city with free mode. Make speed tests.

* With Traffic mode you can do anything you want to do in traffic.

* Enjoy driving with realistic 3D graphics.

* Drive your car in any mode with 14 different sports cars and jeeps. Remember that the speed and abilities of the vehicles are different.

* Feel like driving in real life with realistic city and highway graphics.

-3 Different driving options

* Button Control: You can use the buttons to control the tool. The easiest and simplest control option.

* Tilt Control: You can use these control options to tilt your phone to the right or left or right. The best and realistic way to drive your car.

* Wheel Control: A little challenging. After use, you will not use any other control options.

- Different camera views

* Outside car camera option

* Inside car camera option

* Free different car colors. You can change the color of the vehicle without paying anything.

* You can collect money with the free money collection and buy the vehicle you want.

*** Please tell us what you think about the game...

版本更新内容:* Fixed bugs in car simulator.




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