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Highway Weather, Travel, Road

Highway Weather, Travel, Road

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*** WEATHER on the ROUTE ***

In Highway Weather Road Trip Planner, we show you a weather forecast for your entire road trip. Plan your trip, add waypoints for your route on a map and see what weather forecast will be when you arrive. We show the weather forecast based on your journey length, which makes Highway Weather the most accurate weather forecast app for travellers. In Highway Weather Road Trip Planner, we not only provide you with information about road conditions but also have road conditions change alerts we get from publicly available services like 511, weather forecast websites, public sources.


Incredibly simple to use route planner helps you to plan your journey. Just add waypoints and stopovers and enjoy an accurate weather forecast for your entire journey. The route is fully customizable so you can explore different routing options and choose the best route for you.

*** Highway Weather Road Trip Planner ***

- Supports trucks, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, RVs and walking routes.

- Supports waypoints and rest stops along the route.

- Has one-click navigation to every stop.

- Saves all your trips to travel history so you can revisit them later.

- Shows sunrise and sunset times at each point of your journey so you can avoid driving when it's dark.

- Creates a weather forecast model for your entire journey at the moment you arrive.

- Shows temperature, feels-like temperature, rain, wind, humidity, pressure, sunrise and sunset times, snow at each point of your route.

- Provides variable interval, which depends on your journey length to improve weather forecast accuracy.

- Shows how different departure times affect the weather for your journey.

- Has road conditions change alerts.

- Supports metric and imperial units.

- Works in all countries

- Forever Ad-free.

Highway Weather Road Trip Planner is:

- road planner for truck drivers (who travel a lot and need to know the conditions of the road they are taking);

- route planner for motorcyclists (who plan their rides and love riding in good weather);

- trip planner for travellers (who want to know how to get there safe);

- road trip planner for RV, caravans, motorhomes, trailers, campers owners (who travel a lot);

- cycling planner for those who like to ride bikes;

- outdoor weather app for those who like to go hiking;

- all who care about their journey, safety, road conditions and weather on the way.

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Privacy Policy:

If you have a support query, please contact us by email: support@

Highway Weather Road Trip Planner is the Route Builder with Weather Forecast you always have been looking for. Install it today!

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